How Organized Is Your Kitchen?: Tips And Tricks

Good food, safety, an easy time when cooking and more owes a lot to a properly organized kitchen. You don’t want your kitchen looking like a weapon or a garbage store. If you have more appliances including small drip coffee makers, microwaves, toasters and more, you need to know how to organize your kitchen simply because they can get messy. Your kitchen isn’t much safer with all sorts of tools lying around. However, a properly organized kitchen has a lot to offer. Here are some of the reasons you need to organize your kitchen.

  • Creates space: Appliances lying everywhere in the kitchen takes a lot of space that in turn ends up limiting your movement. So, you need them properly organized in a way that they give you some space to do your kitchen duties.
  • Saves time: It isn’t easier finding something like a fork or a spoon in a disorganized kitchen. Organized kitchen ensures that everything is in its place.
  • Creates a safe environment: It doesn’t matter how much you value safety. Having everything lying around on the shelves, sink, floor isn’t safe for anyone. You might fall or the worst part, your curious kids might without your awareness find their way into the kitchen.Organized Is Your Kitchen

To ensure that your kitchen remains the safest place to be, you must pay more attention to where you keep your small appliances. Here is what you need to do.


These are the appliances that just sit on your kitchen counter or table without use. For example, if you have a toaster or a small cooker anywhere in your kitchen, and you rarely touch it, you need to do away with it. You can simply sell it, keep it somewhere far away in your store or somewhere hidden such as the cabinet under your kitchen sink. Doing this makes everything much easier.


If you have lots of appliances in one kitchen, then be sure that you’ll have a hard time organizing your kitchen. What you need is space, but you don’t have it. So, what do you do? Add a storage unit such as a free standing kitchen cabinet.


It is much better working with the appliance where it is kept. You’ll realize that there are those appliances such as small coffee makers you can’t take a full day without using simply because you have to brew your coffee each morning and whenever you feel like taking it. To avoid damaging your appliance by moving it around each time you want to use it, secure its place permanently. A place where you won’t have to move it every morning or whenever you feel like taking coffee. If you have a kitchen table near the sink, then it is the right place to put your small drip coffee maker simply because it is near to the water that you’ll need each time you brew your coffee and to wash the small drip coffee maker.


Appliances do break down. Some even fail to meet your requirements forcing you to go for a better one. As a result, you end up having more than enough appliances around your kitchen doing nothing. More unused appliances take a lot of space. If you have to buy a replacement appliance, ensure that you are completely done with what you are about to use. For example, if a steam driven espresso machine is giving you a hard time forcing you to choose a pump-driven espresso machine, then you have to dispose of it. Ensure that each time you replace an appliance, you do away with an old one.


You don’t want your kitchen looking like a garbage store. You need a good looking environment where everything looks perfect.The bad news is, you are not going to save the situation by buying perfectly designed appliances each time you feel your kitchen is a mess. You have to figure out how to use what you have in your kitchen to change its look. Place good looking appliances such as a coffee maker, a juicer and more in the open such as the kitchen table.


Most appliances such as a juicer or a small coffee maker come with extra accessories. The accessories take a lot of space when detached from the main appliance. However, you can’t put them away since you’ll need them later. To save yourself much trouble, you need to keep extra accessories near the appliances for easy access. For example, if you have to remove your water tank or drip system from your small coffee maker, you need to place it somewhere it is easily accessible such as behind or beside the main machine.

In summary, a well-organized kitchen is characterized by more space, ease of accessing what you are looking for and most importantly, safe. The kitchen looks much better will more space meaning, no extra dysfunctional appliances and more. Regularly used appliances need to be somewhere in the open where you can easily access them while those appliances you use once in a week or a month need to be somewhere in the cabinet or under the sink. Lastly, appliances that have no use should be away somewhere in your store, under the sink or in a recycling factory. Use the tips above and make your kitchen a place worth spending time in.

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